Red Cloud  and North Geronimo Mines – Trip set for Friday 12/6 and 12/7
to collect exceptional Vanadinite

or just Friday or just Saturday, if you prefer
Dave Haneline plans to go early Friday AM and be at the mine by 9 AM.  If you need to be guided you to the mine, we meet at Martinez Lake at the junction of Martinez Lake Rd and Wildlife Refuge Rd/Red Cloud Mine Rd at Martinez Lake. We will meet in a small clearing on the right just after you make a left turn onto Wildlife Refuge/Red Cloud Mine Rd. We will leave the meetup spot and head for the mine at 7:30 am Sharp on Friday AM No exceptions. The meet up spot is at least a 3 1/2 hour drive from Anthem so you will need to leave early to make it on time.  You will also allow extra time to gas up in Quartzsite or Yuma, depending on which way you go. 
2. If you want to come later on Friday, or just come up Saturday, the GPS coordinates to the mine are 33 degrees, 6′,1 North; 114 degrees, 35′,56 West. The coordinates are spot on and you can see the tailing piles and head frame for quite a ways off.
3. This is intended as a overnight trip for those who desire, with camping at the mine site or surrounding desert.  You can make it a long one day there and back trip, or book a motel room in Quartzsite or Yuma. Entirely up to you, but some of us will be camping for at least one night. 
4. From the meetup spot to the mine is another 14 miles and takes a full hour and a half. The last 12 miles are off-road with both rocky and sandy areas. 4WD is strongly recommended just in case, but if the trail conditions are good enough, high-clearance 2WD might suffice.Do not even think about taking trying to take an RV or trailer from the lake to the mine..
5. Ride sharing is not being coordinated for this trip, so if you want to go but lack a suitable vehicle try to beg, and/or bribe someone to take you.
6. Red Cloud is open to the public so this trip is not limited to just dues-paying members. Please feel free invite rock-hounding friends. We need to have at least 20 paying rockhounds to get the discounted collecting rate and we don’t have that many yet. 
6. Red Cloud is also private property, not just a claim on federal land, so behave an follow any rules or instructions the mine manager tells you.

Collecting in the tailing piles and in the pit rubble: $35 per person per day, if we have between 1 and 20 of us. If we have 21 or ore people the fee drops to $25 per person per day. No bucket limit.
Vein collecting on the shelves above the pit: $40 per person per day, firm. Vein collecting in his “commercial” area on the north wall of the pit: $75  per person per day

$40 per person, per day, firm, not to be combine with Red Cloud fees, and no more than 5 people in the mine at the same time. Keep what you find.
For more complete details refer to email sent to members

Contact person:  Dave Haneline  623-73403942